Marie Antoinette's silk slippers fetch 50k euros at auction


London, Oct 19 (ANI): 18th Century French queen Marie Antoinette's pair of green-and-pink silk slippers have been auctioned for 50,000 euros on the anniversary of her execution. The slippers have been sold for a bargain price, as auction house Paris Druout had expected the shoes to sell for up to 10,000 euros, the BBC reported. Other artefacts on sale belonging to the monarch included portraits and a dinner set once owned by her husband, King Louis XVI. "Obviously, it's rather rare to find objects that belonged to the queen, particularly dresses or more intimate things," art expert Cyrille Boulay said. "I have been doing the job of historical artefacts expert for 20 years now, and it's just the second time that I have a pair of shoes on sale. "So it's rather exceptional and therefore of course, it has sparked an international interest," he said. The successful bid was placed by telephone but the buyer's identity has been kept secret. Louis XVI married Antoinette, nicknamed "Madame Deficit" for her extravagant spending habits, in 1770, and the couple amassed a huge collection of artwork and furniture. Following the French Revolution, she was convicted of treason and executed by a guillotine in France on October 16, 1793. A fragment of a patterned silk dress that she owned before her arrest was also included in the 80 lots auctioned on Wednesday, a day after the anniversary of her death. (ANI)