Marcus Rashford powered by positive thinking

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<span>Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters</span>
Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters

I sympathise with Victoria Derbyshire (Victoria Derbyshire apologises over Covid Christmas comments, 27 October) as I share the rule-of-six dilemma. My daughter and son-in-law have three teenage children and two “grannies” (mother-in-law and myself). We are both widows in our late 80s, living alone. We expect to spend Christmas together. She is geographically closer to the family than I am; I have only seen my grandchildren once since Christmas 2019. Which one of us should back away from the Christmas table?
Margaret Westwood
Guildford, Surrey

• Surely Victoria Derbyshire’s plan to break the rule of six by one person was in a “very specific and limited way” as justified by the government.
Janet Jones
Ossett, West Yorkshire

• Marcus Rashford is on a roll. His hat-trick against Leipzig (Rashford’s stunning cameo shows Solskjær is using deep squad wisely, 29 October) suggests that his growing confidence off the field as a humanitarian is enhancing his game. Rashford’s success is a testimony to the power of positive thinking.
Stan Labovitch

• In a quid pro quo among road users, if cyclists stop riding on pavements (Letters, 28 October), will motorists stop parking on them – especially van and lorry drivers?
Sam White
Lewes, East Sussex

• Marina Hyde was at her funniest and cruellest in her Tuesday article (Only this government could miss the open goal of free school meals, 27 October). In the spirit of CP Scott, shouldn’t you offer Boris Johnson the right of reply? See if he dares?
Rony Robinson

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