Marcus Peters still mad at Rams for dealing him and immediately acquiring Jalen Ramsey: 'F*** them'

Chris Cwik
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Things might get testy when the Baltimore Ravens take on the Los Angeles Rams in 2021. Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters is still furious with the Rams after the team traded him last season.

Peters wasn't necessarily bothered by the deal, it was what came after that really set him off, Peters revealed on "Catchin Fades with Aqib Talib." When asked about the trade, Peters explained he was angry that the team immediately replaced Peters with Jalen Ramsey.

"I was pissed off more so because ... " Peters started.

Talib then interjected by saying, "So you was pissed off?"

Peters responded:

"Oh yeah, f*** them. That's how I was feeling then and I'm still feeling like that. Because I felt disrespected in a sense of, yeah, ya'll can trade me. That's a part of the business. But two minutes after that you bring in another guy who do the same s*** I do, maybe a little bit different. 

"If we play this compare game, I do a little bit more. That s*** was disrespectful to me."

Peters and Ramsey have been among the best cornerbacks in football the past couple seasons. Both players made the All-Pro team in 2019. Ramsey made the All-Pro team again in 2020.

Marcus Peters can get his revenge in 2021

Peters will get a chance to prove the Rams made the wrong decision in 2021. The Ravens unveiled their 2021 schedule in April, and the Rams are one of the teams that will travel to Baltimore during the upcoming season.

It won't be the first time Peters has faced his former team. Peters faced the Rams just a few weeks after the team traded him. The Ravens won that contest 45-6, and Peters registered an interception.

He'll be hoping for a similar performance in 2021.

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