Marathon meetings, strict deadlines: CM Yogi puts UP's ministers and babus on the line

Sources say that the CM is particularly eyeing those excusing themselves for frequent breaks during the marathon meeting.

Under previous regimes, Lucknow's government offices bore a deserted look by 6 pm. Now with a change of guard, the officials including Uttar Pradesh's Cabinet ministers are on their toes. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has meant business from the word go and has been firing out directives to secretaries of each department and meticulously discussing the future road map of the state, while the officials are engaged in marathon meetings.

It is 11 pm at Lucknow's annexe. A meeting is on to review the function and road map of six separate departments of education. The meeting is chaired by CM Adityanath himself.

Officials can be seen running with files in their hands, as a highly demanding Yogi has been soliciting every bit of information. Sources say that the CM is particularly eyeing those excusing themselves for frequent breaks during the marathon meeting. He has already sent a stern signal to all to be attentive.

The officials and cabinet colleagues are possibly not used to this rigorous routine. The officials will now have to shed the extra flab as they were used to timely dinner and TV, joked a senior police official.


Accountability is being fixed and from the CM's office a circular has already been sent to all departments to prepare an action plan and expedite the work in the first 100 days of governance. The intent is clear - to fix accountability and expedite the work.

There will be a review and action against erring officials after the completion of the first 100 days of the Yogi Adityanath government. Second time-bound slab of work accountability will after 6 months and then 1 year.

The meeting continues even as this report is being filed. At around 11 pm Cabinet minister Mukut Bihari Verma was summoned into the meeting. The meeting took stock of the prevailing education system and important instructions of rationalising fee structure of private schools, top on the agenda. This has to be done within the stipulated period of 100 days as per the education secretary basic education Ajay Kumar.

The administrative machinery is being streamlined and galvanised by CM Yogi. The chief minister is literally translating into action what he said in Goraphpur recently - he will need officials who can work for 18 to 20 hours a day.

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