Mar Giveaway | Enter For A Chance To Share Extra $10,000 By Selling Gift Card On Tbay

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Mar giveaway is among the most exciting referral rewards program launched by Tbay and it arrives in time. Tbay is offering all lovely partners a chance to win up to extra 720,000 naira from all their points gotten from their own online gift card sales and their referee’s gift card sales in this referral campaign time. Plus, this program will be launched monthly on the schedule so more referral brings more reward. To explain it, all their referee can add the reward for you in each month once they placed orders of gift card exchange.

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Who Is Tbay?

Tbay is a global professional platform for trading gift card, where safe, stable, extremely fast, and fair transaction services are offered to customers and gift card transactions are made to go more smoothly. Tbay can well guarantee the service quality by strictly certifyinggift card vendors or gift card buyers, using usd as a stable settlement, making fast transaction, paying instantly, giving compensation and offering 24/7 online customer care representative.

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More Campaigns, More Bonus For Each Month. Tbay will deliver even more programs to every new and old customer every month. And at least 200 users can get their bonus in this program, so New and old Tbay partners, enter the giveaway by Joining Tbay- and good luck.”said Promise Anthony, operations manager on Tbay.

Giveaway! Win 720,000 Naira By Selling Gift Card & Referring

Join - Sign up & Sell Gift Card By Yourself

  • Create an account on Tbay by following the tutorial in the blog

  • Start selling gift card/ redeeming gift cardon Tbay

  • Get points from gift card sales

Share - Refer Friends &Get Points From Referee’s Sales

  • Referrer share the unique referral code that is below the user's Tbayname- The referee signup with this referral code

  • The referee sells gift cards for cash

  • Referrer will also get points from his referee's gift card sales

Earn - Get Points & Share 10,000 USD From Selling and Referring

  • Campaign Time- Mar1th 00:00:00 ~Mar28th 23:59:59(Singapore Time)

  • Point Calculation- Referrer's total points = points from referrer's gift card sales + points from referees' gift card sales.

  • Rewards Sharing Rule-

* 1 points = 1 usd the user got from his gift card sales

* Detailed reward amount distribution in this blog


* About Available Gift Cards-Steam wallet Gift Card, Google Play Store Gift Card, iTunes Gift Card, eBay Gift Card, Amazon Gift Card, Sephora Gift Card, Amex Gift Card, One Vanilla Gift Card, Nike Gift Card, Bitrefill Gift Card, Nordstrom Gift Card, Mastercard, Walmart Gift Card, Macy’s Gift Card, etc. You can get different gift card rates on Tbay. For more a detailed guide of this campaign, please visit the Tbay blog by Clicking Here.

Tbay reserves the right of final interpretation. If any additional questions about this referral campaign, please contact Tbay. Tbay is a global professional gift card trading platform.