Maoists kill police official 3 days after abduction from Bijapur

In a recent Naxal attack, reports tell that a local police officer, Murli Tati, who was abducted three days ago hs been killed by the Maoists group in the Bijapur district. In a government administration plan, the local residents are supposed to join the forces to battle against the Naxalites in the state. Murli was one of them. The Naxal group also released a note with the body, highlighting the brutal murder of Murli. Such acts unleash terror in the minds of people. After the killing, Murli's body was dumped near a village in the Gangalur across the Bijapur district. In another Naxal attack in Chhatisgarh, 22 security personnel were killed, and 30 injured. The frequency of these attacks continues to rise fears in the minds of people of the state. Watch the video to know more!