Maoist girl surrenders in Odisha to join mainstream

Angul (Odisha), Aug.7 (ANI): Encouraged by the amnesty schemes launched by the government, a Maoist girl aged just over 17 years, surrendered before senior police officers in Angul in Odisha on Tuesday.

Budhunu Munda alias Shanti, who hails from Nagira in Pallahara block, is now hopeful about being rehabilitated to enable her to join mainstream society again.

Speaking to media at the office of the District Superintendent of Police, Munda said: "They (Maoists) told us that they would give money, food, shelter, and clothing to us. We thought that we would have good life but they did not give us anything. They betrayed us."

She revealed that all those who volunteered to be a part of the Maoist movement, were exploited in many ways, and added that the exploiters were none other than the rebel leaders at various camps, located in interior jungles and remote villages.

She admitted that many like her had expressed their disenchantment with the bloodshed and wished to lead a dignified and peaceful life.

"We were facing lot of difficulties in camp. We were made to work hard, walk through the dense forests and were also made to climb hills. So, we didn't want that sort of life," said Munda.

Superintendent of Police, Anugul District, Narasingh Bhol, said: "We are processing her case since she is involved in criminal cases so she might be categorised in category 'A'. It means that she will get a compensation and rehabilitation amount of 250,000 rupees, and the government will also take care of her education if she wants to be educated, or provide her with any vocational training if she decides to get training and get employed," said Bhol.

Disillusioned by the Maoist ideologies, the number of rebels surrendering in the state is on rise.

In the last couple of months, there has been increase in the number of Maoists surrendering, not only in eastern India, but also in central and southern states.

According to certain reports, Maoists are facing an acute shortage of personnel in several areas of central and eastern India, due to the steps taken by the security forces to curtail the insurgency.

The guerrilla war, waged mostly from the forests of central and eastern India now poses the biggest internal security challenge, say analysts. (ANI)