Mansi Dovhal's latest film Shaadi Abhi Baaki Hai will leave you hanging with its 3 endings

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Mansi Dovhal's latest film Shaadi Abhi Baaki Hai will leave you hanging with its 3 endings

Mansi Dovhal has scripted, directed and co-produced an unusual film, in which she has also acted.

The name Mansi Dovhal may not ring an immediate bell, but the young talent is raring to go with her latest release, Shaadi Abhi Baaki Hai. By all counts, it is her film - Mansi has written, directed, co-produced and starred in the heavy-duty drama.

The film's USP, Mansi would insist, is not her multiple avatars associated with its making. "The USP of my film is it has a different climax. The film is has three endings, actually - which means the story plays over three times to culminate in three different endings," she says.

If the three-endings structure reminds you of German maverick Tom Tykwer's global hit Run Lola Run or Polish maestro Krzysztof Kieslowski's Blind Chance, Shaadi Abhi Baaki Hai has an original plot.

The film tells the story of one night when a US-returned girl comes to India and discovers her father has switched the groom of her choice. The groom, it turns out, has been kidnapped.

She takes off to rescue the guy and the film moves to three different endings. Along with Mansi, the film features Prem Chopra, Sanjay Mishra and Amit Bhaskar.

"I was not following a trend when I set out to make a female-centric film," says Mansi. "I have made a film with no stars, so content is my hero. The film talks of different possibilities we face at any given point of life, and how a small decision can affect the outcome in a big way."

Lot of people even in the unit did not understand the threeending concept at first, recalls Mansi. "Many of the senior actors told me they would just go with the flow according to my direction. Then, as we kept filming, they started following the concept."

To reach out to the masses, Mansi agreed to add essential mainstream ingredients. "You have a ghazal, an item song, funny treatment and lots of drama. The film is based in the Delhi-Gurgaon area and I would say the catchy oneliners that capture a slice of life of the region are a highlight," says Mansi.

"It is a big challenge making a commercial film nowadays. The audience is definitely smarter. They have access to every kind of entertainment right on their cellphone screens, so you cannot take them for a ride anymore. Mainstream cinema has had to change accordingly and the focus now has to be on content," the budding actor-filmmaker signs off.