Man's birthday celebrated in crematorium in Maharashtra

Nashik, Nov 18 (PTI) A crematorium is considered as aninauspicious placeand one seldom wants to go there.

But a group of men in Chandori village in Niphadtaluka of Nashik district in North Maharashtra made it aspecial venue to celebrate their friends birthday two daysago, local residents said.

At the stroke of midnight on Saturday, the men startedcheering at the crematorium in Chandori. They were wishingtheir friend Somnath Kotme on his 25th birthday, they said.

They also cut a cake on the occasion as part of thecelebrations.

Kotme was happy at this unusual way of birthdaycelebration.

He said this will send out a message in the societyagainst various superstitions associated with crematoriums andmany other blind beliefs.

Photos and videos of the birthday celebrations in thecrematorium were uploaded on social media platforms. PTI CORRSY RSY