Manpreet Singh - The Young Entrepreneur Transforming the Tech Industry

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For Manpreet Singh, life has always been about finding opportunities. In fact, he doesn’t view challenges as they are; he sees them as something he can take advantage of. A visionary since, as far as he can remember, Manpreet Singh aims to revolutionize the tech industry, one innovation at a time. The Co-Founder of Innokrats - a tech storage startup that focuses on developing Network Attached Storage Devices - is dedicated to creating products and services that cater to the problems of the regular man by saving time and cutting down costs. With his partner, Bikram Singh Multani, the duo creates software solutions for a variety of industries, thereby taking every challenge head-on.

The path to entrepreneurship wasn’t always smooth for Manpreet Singh. Born in Jammu and Kashmir, the young entrepreneur lost his father at the tender age of nine. His mother, Balbir Kour, stepped up as the stronghold in his life and nurtured the burgeoning passion inside the young boy. Without her unrelenting support, Manpreet believes, he would not be as successful as he is today.

Manpreet Singh didn’t just want to be successful and financially independent - he aspired to create a legacy. He didn’t let anything hold him back from pursuing his dreams and invested his time and effort into web design and development, at the age of 12, became a professional.

Everything came together when Manpreet was blessed with the opportunity to go to Hyderabad and attend an event hosted by Microsoft. His strong networking skills got him in touch with someone who was in the processing of establishing Innokrats. As he led the marketing and PR marketing, all the pieces came into place.

In just a short period of time, Innokrats has left an undeniable footprint in the tech sector. Together, the unstoppable duo has built a startup that’s a force to be reckoned with. This success doesn’t mean they didn’t struggle; there were multiple hiccups along the way that put a halt on whatever they had in mind.

However, not once did they let these trials make them reconsider their journey. The direction may have changed, but the end goal always remained them - to build something that would lead to a seismic effect in the industry.

At just 20 years old, Manpreet Singh is a role model for every young individual who aspires to leave their mark on this world. While Bikram Singh Multani focuses on tech development, Manpreet explores the creation of sustainable ventures.

Manpreet Singh also successfully launched V-Carte, recently. The company is based in the United States and focuses on contactless cards with storage capabilities. Due to its revolutionary features, the product’s launch met with wide acclaim in the tech industry. These achievements are just the tip of the iceberg for Manpreet Singh; right now, he’s working on multiple groundbreaking ventures that are sure to take the tech world by storm.

Currently, Manpreet is immersed in the ideas of sustainable fashion and sustainable innovation in the tech industry. He is also working on developments in the real estate industry. He was also working on a food-tech company which was ready to be launched in London.

While the outbreak of COVID-19 delayed this launch, Manpreet Singh plans to resume the launch once the economy begins recuperating. Additionally, he is also pursuing his Undergraduate degree at Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom.

What truly sets Manpreet from other entrepreneurs is the way he dedicates himself to every goal. As a firm believer in knowing what to do before you do it, Manpreet Singh firmly abides by fleshing out a plan before you begin implementing it. He understands you can’t jump into something without adequate knowledge, which is why, whatever he sets his mind to, he entirely dedicates himself to it.

On the other hand, Manpreet Singh is also a firm believer in taking risks. Without taking a chance on an idea, he knows that you won’t know whether you succeed or not. Risk-taking is an attribute every successful entrepreneur must have; if you’re not born, then you need to teach it yourself.

Without taking the necessary risks involved in setting up a new business, Manpreet Singh would never be standing where he is today. He dreamt of an idea, he explored it, and he went for it head-on. And that is exactly why he’s someone the youth of today can look up to; the fearlessness and resilience he pursues every idea with is something that inspires every budding entrepreneur. PWR PWR

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