Manipuri cultural extravaganza held in Pune to promote national integration

Pune (Maharashtra), Feb.15 (ANI): A Manipuri cultural extravaganza was held recently in Pune under the theme "Let them know us as we know them" .

During the event, Manipuri students performed Raas Leela, Pung Cholom, Lai Haroba and Thang-ta - a martial dance, and enthralled the audience with some other acts.

They also performed a Naga folk dance.

The event not only showcased the culture and traditions of the region but also promoted national integration, peace and harmony through cultural exchange.

H. Narendra Singh, General Secretary of AMAND, said: "The main objective of this program is to let them know as we know them because once we know each other and respect each other only then we can give peace and harmony that will lead national integration."

Biren Kumar Singh, President of the Manipur Student Association in Pune, said: "I have never experienced such big event we hope such event will organize more in the future through which we can contact with our people and local people residing in Pune."

A large number of students from the Northeast and local people witnessed the event.

The cultural program was appreciated by all the invited non-Manipuri audience of Pune.

The event was organized by the Association of Manipuri Diaspora (AMAND), Pune.

M. Robin Singh, a student, said: "The program was a great success and will benefit every participant and the people of Manipur who are residing outside. We want to bring betterment, peace and prosperity in the future."

Such events help promote the culture of the Northeast and raise awareness about the region among people of the country. (ANI)