Manipur man revives WW2 history by making warplane replicas

Imphal (Manipur), Feb 10 (ANI): Tom Thounaojam from Manipur is making World War 2 warplane replicas. Thounaojam has created around 90% of warplane replicas used during the battle of Imphal and Kohima in World War 2. The Battle of Imphal and Kohima was fought in 1944. It was a turning point in the Second World War fought on the Indian subcontinent between the Japanese and the British. Tom Thounaojam’s love affair with the legendary warplanes began as a young teenager putting together model planes. But as he got bigger, so did his ideas. During the lockdown, while returning from Mumbai, he brought the scale warplanes replicas and started assembling and painting, making them look like real warplanes. “It’s a true replica. All the shapes you see here is from the original, and are not toys, all the dimensions are the same as the original. The opportunity came up to do this when I found out the availability of the kit-scale version. I want to build and install life-size replicas of all Battle of Imphal related war materials at the historic Old Koirengei Airfield if converted to a War Museum which can make the younger generations see them as well as attracts tourists,” said Thounaojam.