Manipur: Health Minister L Jayentakumar resigns as BJP-led Biren Singh govt finishes a month in office

Health Minister L Jayentakumar submitted his resignation to Chief Minster N Biren Singh claiming interference in his work as a minister.

In what may be called the first sign of fissures in the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Manipur government , Health Minister L. Jayentakumar on Friday resigned from his post. The National People's Party leader submitted his resignation letter to Chief Minister N. Biren Singh.

In his letter, Jayentakumar said he was not consulted when the Manipur health director was suspended recently. Putting that down as the reason for his resignation, Jayentakumar said the manner in which the health director was suspended was an interference in his work as a minister.

It wasn't immediately known if Jayentakumar's resignation was accepted by CM Biren Singh.

The BJP is leading a coalition government in Manipur after finishing second in this year's Assembly election. Congress won 28 of Manipur's 60 Assembly seats.

The BJP managed to put together a majority with the support of four MLAs of the NPP, another four form the Naga People's Front, one from the Trinamool Congress, one Independent and one Congress MLA who defected to the BJP.

With the majority, the BJP was able to install the N Biren Singh-led government , which completes a month in office today. This is the first BJP-led government in Manipur.

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh will today be in Odisha, where he will participate in the BJP's National Executive, which kicks off later in the evening in Bhubaneshwar.