Manipur farmer ventures into rearing edible insects

Kangpokpi (Manipur) Feb 17 (ANI): Ningthoujam Max Singh- a farmer from Manipur is rearing edible insects. His farm is located at Pheiyeng Kadangban Part – I village in Kangpokpi District in Manipur. The farm plays host to thousands of crickets housed in a shelter that has been modified to mimic the dark environment conducive for the insects to thrive. "One of the advantages of rearing insects is that they are not labour-intensive. Also, the cost of running an insect farm is negligible compared to that of the running of other businesses. The insects eat very little, consume very little water and you don't have to be there full time," said Max Singh. "Crickets are good food, they are very rich in proteins and anyone can afford to buy them. Crickets require only two kilograms of feed for every one kilogram of body weight gain. In addition, insects can be reared on organic side-streams and can help reduce environmental contamination,” Max added.