Mangalore: Police lathicharge PFI protestors seeking probe in custodial torture of accused

The People's Front of India members took to streets to protest against custodial torture that an accused was being subjected to in prison.

The Mangalore police today resorted to lathicharge to disburse protestors trying to lay siege on the police commissioner's office in the city.

The mob belonging to the outfit- People's Front of India were agitating to seek justice for Khuraishi, an accused arrested for attempt to murder a Hindutva leader, Prakash Raj.


This is what happened:

  1. PFI members alleged that the Mangalore Police arrested Khuraishi just before he was to appear in court for the case.
  2. They also said that he was being subjected to third degree torture in prison.
  3. The unruly mob not only hurled stones at government offices but also halted the traffic for nearly two hours.
  4. According to police, the protestors had not taken any prior permission to hold a demonstration in the area that made it illegal.
  5. They further blamed the police authorities of framing him in false petty case.
  6. A week after Khuraishi's family had been running pillar to post looking for him, the police produced him in court for a petty case, said the PFI members.
  7. Khuraishi is currently admitted in a hospital owing to some kidney-related problem.
  8. "The demand now is to arrest the police officials who wrongfully arrested Khuraishi and also to help the family by giving them compensation," the protestors demanded.