Manforce Launches ‘Adrak’ Flavoured Condoms With Honey For Clear Throat; Netizens Come Up With More Flavour Requests Buzz Desk
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Manforce Launches ‘Adrak’ Flavoured Condoms With Honey For Clear Throat; Netizens Come Up With More Flavour Requests

Before this, Manforce surprised India by launching achaari-flavoured condoms last year

Indian’s are known for their love for having a ‘variety’. Amazon’s ‘Aur Dikhao’ ad campaign was a direct reflection of this trait. Similarly, while the world largely consumes just a singular variety of Mayo sauce, India has innovated not just an eggless variant, but about 50 different flavours too, including garlic, paneer tikka and mint mayo. In fact, the need for variety is present across different product categories – be it clothes, gadgets, sauces or even Condoms! After launching Achaari-flavoured condoms last year, Manforce is back with yet another whacky condom flavour – Adrak (ginger). The new condom has apparently been launched to beat the winter chill, and was announced by Manforce on it Facebook page with a rather cheeky post. Needless to say, the netizens are amused and entertained.

Achaari Flavoured Condoms by Manforce Adds to List of Most Bizarre Flavored Condoms to Spice Up Your Oral Sex Life

The new desi-flavour of Manforce has been launched a few days ago. The caption to the post reads, ‘Winters, now made cozier. Introducing Manforce Adrak flavored condoms’. The post almost sounds like a public service advertisement. The image shared on the post has the text’ Adrak with honey for a clear throat.’ It is the most generic advice given to most people during winter. Only, this time, it is a clever innuendo! The new flavour is an ode to India’s love for chai, especially the strong, adrak-wali chai. And the ‘chef’ at Manforce needs to be lauded for his efforts to keep coming up with such innovative flavours. Ever since Manforce shared the news on Facebook, netizens have been coming up with their own jokes on this.

Here is Manforce’s Facebook post on the Adrak-Flavoured condoms:

Here is how the netizens reacted:

Some had better ideas:

How about biryani?

A Chai-Date:

Some didn’t like it:

Twitterati also joined in:

Winter special:

So some loved the idea while some dissed it. Last year, Manforce had launched spicy pickle-flavoured condoms or achaari-flavoured condoms. Manforce isn’t the only brand experimenting. Durex had launched egg-plant flavoured condoms. There are also garlic-flavoured condoms, cannabis condoms and whiskey condoms launched by companies. Moods had even launched an aloe vera- flavoured condom.  Clearly, there seems to be a market for such off-beat condom flavours. Are there any that are on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments section below.