Manekaji, Thanks for the Gyaan, But What’s a ‘Hormonal Outburst’?

“Kya aapke hormones mein outburst hai?”

When Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi cited ‘hormonal outbursts’ as the reason for early curfew timings for girls’ hostels, it was a moment of revelation in terms of human anatomy and sociology.

Of course, college-going girls (and boys) can’t control themselves; how foolish of us to grant them agency and freedom of choice! But, one thing which eluded us as we pondered over Manekaji’s gyaan is the definition of ‘hormonal outburst’.

So, we at The Quint decided to decipher the meaning (dictionary and otherwise) and came away with some interesting results.

Camera: Abhay Sharma
Video Editor:
Mohd. Ibrahim & Sandeep Suman
With inputs from: Sohini Guharoy