Manchester City deny making an offer for Leo Messi

Sayak Basu

Manchester City deny making an offer for Leo Messi

15 Oct 2018: Manchester City deny making an offer for Leo Messi

Manchester City have denied claims that the club had offered Leo Messi three times the salary he receives at Barcelona, in a bid to convince him to sign for them.

Since Pep Guardiola joined City in 2016, rumors have circulated that Manchester City bosses would try to use Messi's former boss to acquire him.

Further details follow.

Quote: What did the media reports state?

Khaldoon al Mubarak, the chairman Manchester City, was quoted in Mundo Deportivo, the Spanish outlet, regarding the offer City had made to Messi.

It was also reported that the offer would see Messi earning €1.13 million a week.

"We asked Guardiola to talk to him, we offered him triple the salary he has at Barcelona, but he never accepted", the quote said.

Fact: City have rubbished the claims altogether

Interestingly, Manchester City have denied the media report. A spokesman from the club said, in clear terms, "We deny the veracity of these quotes". Notably, Messi's buyout clause in his Barcelona contract is worth €700 million.

Messi: Messi has said he wants to retire at Barca

Leo Messi loves his club and wishes to end his career with them.

Raised at Barcelona since 13, Messi's loyalty towards his boyhood club can't be questioned. There have been players like him.

Giggs, Scholes, and Totti valued their club more than any monetary gains.

Messi's contract, however, says he will be a free agent if not signed by any big club.

Achievements: Messi's numerous achievements with Barcelona

The 'Little Magician' won his first league title in 2004-05 while playing alongside another legend, Ronaldinho.

He has won a record 5 Ballon d'Ors alongside Ronaldo. He also has 5 Golden Shoes to his name.

Messi and Barca won two trebles in 2008-09 and 2014-15, a record unmatched in football history.

Messi has the highest number of goals in Barca's history.