Man whose family died in Boeing 737 Max crash: Scrap the jet

Paul Njoroge, who lost his wife and three young children in the March 10 crash of an Ethiopian Airlines’ Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft, speaks at a news conference in Chicago.

Paul Njoroge believes Boeing should scrap the 737 Max, and he wants the company’s top executives to resign and face criminal charges for not grounding the plane after a deadly accident last October.

Five months after that crash, Njoroge’s wife and three young children were killed when another 737 Max went down near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

On Wednesday, Njoroge will be the first relative of any of the 346 passengers who died in those crashes to testify before Congress. His prepared testimony to a House subcommittee is tough. His tone in an interview is even more blunt.

Njoroge says if Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration had done their jobs properly, the planes would have been grounded last year and his family would be alive to enjoy the summer.