Man unable to reach dying father’s bedside after getting stuck in Extinction Rebellion traffic

Protesters from Extinction Rebellion on a boat they have parked outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London - PA

A man was unable to reach his dying father’s bedside before he passed away after an Extinction Rebellion protest on the motorway left him stuck in traffic.

An unknown man rang his local radio station to reveal how he rushed to Bristol Royal Infirmary after doctors told him his father did not have long left to live but he did not get there in time because climate change protesters were blocking the M32 into the city. 

Extinction Rebellion have been blocking key roads in Bristol and other cities since Monday as part of a week-long protest. 16 members of the group have been arrested in the city.

As part of their wider protest, of the group's infamous boats was parked on The Strand in London outside the Royal Courts of Justice. They have been disrupting travel for thousands of Londoners.

When one Extinction Rebellion protester, Zoe Jones, heard the clip on BBC Radio Bristol, she said she was 'incredibly sorry' but still believed she was 'doing the right thing'.

Breaking down in tears, she added: “It's incredibly difficult to hear stories like that.

"I guess the reason why we're all here is for our families. And I shouldn't be here. 

"I shouldn't be standing in the road stopping people getting to hospital to see their aged father who is on death's door. 

"This shouldn't be happening. But we are here and this is the reality and we have to be here."