Man in UK Temple Urges British Hindus to Vote for Boris Johsnon as Labour is 'Anti-Modi'

A video from a Hindu temple in England has gone viral on the internet in which a man can be seen urging Indian-British devotees to vote for the Boris Johnson's Conservative party in the upcoming election.

The video surfaced just days before United Kingdom's general election on December 12. In it, a man can be seen delivering a speech to devotees in which he targeted the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn as an "anti-Hindu", "anti-Modi" and "anti-Sikh" party among others. He also added that the Labour Party supported "jihadist" movements in India.

"Hindus and Sikhs feel completely let down by the Labour party," the man said adding that party had been taken over by left wing MPs and ideologies.

Drawing from Indian politics, the man added, "They are supporters of separatist jihadis wanting to cause violence, strife and division all over the world, particularly in India".

The man further declared that the Indian Hindu and Sikh minorities are not safe in UK anymore, urging the people gathered there to vote for Johnson.

The video surfaced on the same day when UK Pm Boris Johsnon visited the Swaminarayan temple in London, another place of worship for Hindus in the United Kingdom and pledged his unconditional support to his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi.

This is not the first time that UK's National Hindu Council of Temples has come under fire for partisanship. The institution had been slammed by critics after it sent out emails to followers in support of former PM Theresa May while targeting Corbyn in the run up to the 2015 elections. The group's website also contained questionable content such as "Hindus and sikhs voting for labour party is like "turkeys voting for Christmas".

Nevertheless, the group offered a "clarification" for members in June 2017.