Man Tweets After Losing Luggage, Indigo Misses the Jibe

Hey, Indigo! Time to take some lessons on sarcasm.

Social media is pretty used to customers complaining about the treatment meted out to them by different airlines. But, this one is hilarious. On 30 April, Twitter user Roshan Agarwal tweeted to Indigo Airlines for mishandling his luggage. While Agarwal was flying to Calcutta, his luggage was sent to Hyderabad. Here’s what he tweeted.

But here’s the joke — Indigo’s social media team failed to catch the sarcasm and tweeted back saying, “Glad to hear that”.

And as usual, twitterati couldn’t stop themselves from trolling Indigo Airlines after their recent faux pas.

Soon after Twitter, the tweet gained traction on WhatsApp as well.

Hey Indigo! Let’s sign you up for some sarcasm classes.