Telangana Man Ties Masks on Goats After Tiger in New York Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Abhimanyu Sen

On hearing news of tiger having tested positive in New York's Bronx Zoo in United States of America earlier in the week, a resident of Telangana decided to act swiftly and be protective of his goats as well.

A Venkateshwara Rao, a resident of Kallur Mandal in the Khammam district of Telangana, covered his goats' muzzles with masks in a bid to protect them from Covid-19.

"I own 20 goats and my family is entirely dependent on them as we don't own any land for farming. After I heard about coronavirus, I wear a mask whenever I step out," Rao said.

"I have started tying masks around my goats' mouths after I heard Covid-19 infected a tiger in the US. Since I am wearing a mask myself, I even decided to make my goats wear masks while foraging in the forest area," Venkateshwara said.

The tiger reportedly contracted the virus from a caretaker who was asymptomatic, the zoo had said.