Man runs out of fuel on highway, Mumbai cop offers petrol from own bike for free

Somnath Kakad attached with Navi Mumbai Police is winning hearts online.

A traffic cop of Navi Mumbai Police is winning hearts online after he went beyond his call of duty to help a man whose motorcycle ran out of fuel. A Kanpali resident was stranded in the "middle of nowhere" when a constable on patrol duty helped him with the petrol from his own bike. The resident shared the story on Twitter and it garnered a lot of attention online.

Twitter user, Rajdeep Gajjar was travelling from Kanpali to Panvel through NH-348 that traverses the state of Maharashtra. It was at a stretch after Palm Beach road connecting Panvel, near JNPT when he noticed that his fuel indicator showed the bike was low on fuel. Spotting the cops on the highway when Gajjar asked for the nearest petrol pump, Somanath Kakad of Navi Mumbai Police decided to lend some fuel from his own tank free of charge.

"I stopped to ask for nearby petrol station, which did not look nearby in maps. He selflessly drank the water after sharing with me l, used the bottle to collect the petrol and gave to me without a single penny," Gajjar wrote online sharing a picture of Kakad.

Explaining that the nearest petrol pump was over 6 km away he thanked the police personnel for saving him from the trouble of dragging his bike in the heat.

The post garnered a lot of attention online and even a response from Mumbai Police’s official Twitter handle. Many lauded the cop for his selfless act and thanked the man for highlighting the good deed.