Man records flight on his 'own private jet' after realizing he's the sole passenger

Flying on a luxurious private jet is an experience most of us can only dream about as we sit in crammed seats on a commercial flight, while a seat-mate’s snores eco through the plane.

But for Vincent Peone, that fantasy became a reality when he realized he would be the only passenger on a Delta flight bound for Salt Lake City, Utah.

The New York City based director decided to document his lucky adventure on Twitter, to much fanfare. The video has been seen more than two million times.

His journey to bliss in the sky began as Peone’s original flight out of Aspen, Colorado, was grounded last week.


He told NBC News he was given the options of taking a noon flight or one later in the evening, which he picked. Peone’s final destination was to be New York City to visit his grandfather in the hospital.

"When I arrived at the gate, the tiny airport was completely empty so I approached the lady at the gate, who told me I would be the only passenger," he told NBC.

Although there was no need to make an announcement, Peone asked the staff to do so anyways and whipped out his phone.

“Everyone from the sky team from that point on got a kick out of it and played along beautifully,” he said.

Peone’s video shows an airport staff member asking "the only passenger on this flight" to "kindly board at this time."

“That’s me!” Peone is heard saying.

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Once on the plane, a flight attended made the typical announcements on an intercom, for a captive audience of one. Peone already has a drink in hand at this point.

He went on to record his entire trip, including shaking hands with the pilots and taking in the rows and rows of empty seats.

In an interview with The Washington Post, he said flight attendants told him he could sit anywhere on the flight.

“I was tempted to try to set a record to sit in every single seat for like, two minutes on the flight, so that I could actually sit everywhere. But I didn’t feel that ambitious,” he said.

Do you think Peone lived it up enough on his solo-adventure? What would you do if you had a plane to yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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