Man Plans Romantic Proposal, Accidentally Burns Down House

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What's the worst that can happen when you propose to someone? Rejection? Nope. We've found something worse. A British man's romantic proposal quite literally went down in flames when he accidentally set his entire house on fire.

His intentions were pure and heartwarming so he decided to go all out. He lit up hundreds tea candles, filled up balloons, and poured wine into the glasses. What could go wrong? (Everything)

He then left for a bit to pick up his girlfriend but returned to the shock of his life when he saw how his house had burned down and fire engines were on the way. Turns out, he had made the mistake of leaving the tea candles unattended and that's probably what triggered the fire. Of course, having alcohol out in the open quite literally added fuel to the fire.

Having said that, the good news is that the British man's girlfriend said yes!

The South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Facebook page shared this incident as a kind of warning and lesson for its followers.

Here's what they recommend:

"extinguish them [candles] properly when you've done

don't put them near flammable items, like curtains

don't leave 100s of tea lights unattended."

Take a look:

Last night we were called to a marriage proposal that didn't quite go to plan. Want to hear more? Yes, we thought you...

Posted by South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The Facebook post has since gone viral and almost 500 people have shared it. One user wrote, "That's a tale to tell for many years. Glad they're both ok and that she said yes. It's the thought that counts as they say."

Another commented, "When the descendants go digging up the family tree, and they find this in the local paper, they’ll get a shock!"

This sure will be a good story to tell in the future!

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