Man killed in explosion near MLA’s residence in Bengaluru, probe underway

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Man killed in explosion near MLA’s residence in Bengaluru, probe underway

A 45-year-old man died in an explosion that took place in Vyalikaval in central Bengaluru on Sunday morning. The cause of the blast is yet to be established.

The accident spot was just a stone’s throw away from Congress MLA from Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Munitrathna Naidu’s residence. The deceased has been identified as Venkatesh Kumar, who worked as a dhobi. The incident took place a little after 9am. Initial reports suggest that the man could have tried to move a can of chemicals, resulting in the explosion.

The incident prompted the bomb squad and senior police officials including the Commissioner to rush to the spot. Bengaluru City Police Commissioner T Suneel Kumar told TNM, “The person was walking near the MLA’s house. The victim is a known person named Venkatesh, he used to work as a ‘dhobi’. He was carrying something that has exploded. Forensic experts of the Forensic Science Laboratory are at the spot and investigating what might have triggered the explosion.”

The senior cop refused to comment further on the incident.

Due to the impact of the explosion, a crater has been formed on the road.

Speaking with the media, MLA Munirathna called for a thorough investigation into the death and urged people to refrain from making wild speculations.
He said, “Venkatesh is not an outsider, we grew up together. I'm very upset over what happened to him. This breaks my heart. Even our fathers were friends, they had gone to college together. So he is more like a family. But let us not say anything that comes to our mind about the accident and speculate. Let’s not spread rumours about a dead man. Police will calm things down. I was the one who called the police after hearing the explosion. I have faith in the police and let them investigate. The police commissioner is here trying to calm down the situation.”

Further details are awaited.