Man Hides From Police in Attic, Funny Viral Video From Rochdale Shows Him Falling In Front of the Cops After the Ceiling Breaks

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In a hilarious incident, a man who was hiding from the police in the attic fell right in front of the cops after the ceiling broke. The incident happened at a party in Rochdale when a group of police officers arrived at a party banging at the door. The cops came and said that they were looking for a suspect. When someone shouted 'police', the group of revellers vanished from the place and one of them took abode in the attic. Moments later, the man who was hiding, came tumbling down in front of the cops, much to their astonishment. 7 Robbery Attempts Gone Wrong That Give Thieves Everywhere a Bad Name (Watch Videos)

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Video recordings of the incident show a hole being formed in the roof and following which debris coming breaking down on the officer. First, the man's feet emerge after which he falls to the floor. 24-year-old Matty Walsh who recorded the incident on his phone was quoted as saying, "We heard a cracking and the police said, 'Who's in the roof?' The next thing a foot comes in and the plaster comes down and almost hits the copper on the head. There was no way out and he came down when they went to get him. There was no way out so he just gave up. We were all having a laugh about it, I don’t know what the coppers thought of it." Thief in Queensland Enters Store Wearing a Shopping Bag to Hide His Face, Video Goes Viral.

Watch the video here:

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Matty started recording the incident when the police officers stormed in. Following the incident, a Greater Manchester Police confirmed that a man had been arrested from the Rochdale party for an assault that happened in the area earlier that day