Man Fined Rs 10,000 For Not Wearing Mask for Second Time in UP's Deoria

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The coronavirus crisis continues to worsen in Uttar Pradesh as thousands of new cases are being reported every day from the state. The UP government has been urging the public to wear masks and maintain physical distance. For those who are not wearing masks, a fine of Rs 1,000 was announced if the person was caught for the first time. And if the same person was caught second time not wearing a mask, the fine would be Rs 10,000.

One such case has come up in Deoria where a person was caught without a mask for the second time in 24 hours, and he has been fined for Rs 10,000. The Lar Police station in-charge T.J. Singh was checking in the Lar town area on Monday afternoon to ensure that Covid rules were followed.

The police stopped a person named Amarjeet Yadav for not wearing a mask. On being stopped by cops, a reluctant Amarjeet Yadav argued that he was fined a day before for Rs 1,000 for not wearing a mask. When police came to know about his offence, under the Covid rules the police fined him Rs 10,000 and handed over the receipt to Amarjeet Yadav for the second time.

Superintendent of Police Shripati Mishra said, "Amarjeet Yadav was roaming without a mask even two days ago. The Lar police had fined him for Rs 1,000 then. Today, when he was caught for the second time not wearing a mask, as per the Covid rules, he has been fined for Rs 10,000 and he has submitted the fine."

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