Man Emails 246 Nicoles to Find the Girl He Met at Bar the Night Before; Here’s What Followed

Team Latestly
Seeing Carlos' efforts in finding the girl, one of the women set up a Facebook page named 'Nicole from last night'.

University of Calgary student Carlos Zetina met a girl named Nicole at a bar and also dropped her home that night. Carlos returned home and wanted to talk to the girl but the number she gave him ended being a wrong one. With no way left, Carlos mailed 247 women named Nicole from the Canadian university's directory. His mail reads, "If your name is Nicole and you're from Holland and you think Nietschze is depressing then text me."

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As Carlos sent a mass email, some professors and faculty members also received it. Carlos' email has now brought together all Nicoles in the University. The women even met and shared pictures on social media. One of their tweets read, "Some dude emailed every Nicole at U of C to try to find the girl he met last night and instead they formed a girl gang and I am legit DYING."

Here are their pictures:

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Seeing Carlos' efforts in finding the girl, one of the women he emailed set up a Facebook page named 'Nicole from last night'. The aimless work bore fruits when the real Nicole found out the man's pursuit of finding her. Turns out she's an exchange student she didn't have a University of Calgary email address, so she did not receive the email. And Nicole gave Carlos the wrong number by mistake.

Here's what she had to say:

She responded to the Facebook page saying, "I'm the exchange student from Holland who got brought home by Carlos last night and thinks that Nietzsche is quite depressing. Don't have an u of c email so didn't get the beautiful email myself, but the powerful Nicoles helped me get in touch. Would love to meet all of you sometime in the future."