UP Man Designs Desi Iron Man Suit to Help Indian Army Fight Enemies


While fans of superhero films often like to cosplay their favourite superheroes like Iron Man, a desi fan has gone one step further to make a semi-functional Iron Man suit styled like the one worn by the Marvel icon. The Varanasi resident said the suit was meant for Indian Army personnel,

Shyam Chaurasia, a part-time employee at the Asoka Institute of Technology and Management, said he created the "prototype" to help army soldiers to fight their enemies.

"It is a metal suit designed to help the Indian army soldiers during their encounters with terrorists and enemies. Currently it is just a prototype but it can help soldiers greatly at the time of battle," Chaurasia told news agency ANI.

Th makeshift metal suit is held together using "gears and motors" and also boasts of "mobile connection" that can help soldiers stay connected in remote areas. Additionally, the suit is fixed with "sensors" that can detect motion so that soldiers can never be blindsided by enemies attacking from behind.

While the suit is a classic example of Indian 'jugaad', it is not the first such suit to have come up in recent times. In October, yet another Indian went viral on social media after her showed off his home-made Iron Man suit. He, just like Chaurasia, told media persons that he had developed the suit to help the Indian armed forces.

Meanwhile, netizens had a mixed response to the suit. While some praised Chaurasia's ingenious jugaad, others trolled him for the makeshift suit.