Man Crashes Wedding, Hurls 'Varmala' That Lands Perfectly on Bride; Beaten Up After She 'Accepts'

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Taking note of the copious amounts food and water that is wasted at such gatherings, the Supreme Court has said that it is “unacceptable” against the backdrop of the water crisis and alleged starvation deaths the city witnesses.

New Delhi: The guests at a Bijnor wedding were in for a surprise when a ‘hero’ from an action, ‘masala’ Bollywood flick jumped straight out of the scene and hurled a varmala (garland) at the bride sitting on the stage.

Meet the 24-year-old real life romantic protagonist, ‘Rahul’, who stormed into a wedding on a motorcycle with a garland, and tossed it at the woman in UP district’s Nagina.

According to a report in The Times of India, the garland made a picture-perfect landing and wrapped itself around the neck of the bride as the groom who sat next to her looked on in disbelief.

The bride then stood up, walked up to the youth and put a varmala of her own around his neck.

However, the heroic character’s starry entry was short-lived as the groom’s enraged relatives lunged at the youth, caught hold of him and beat him black and blue. He was later rescued by policemen.

The groom’s family called off the wedding and guests left the venue in a huff. The incident occurred on Wednesday.

According to police, the youth and the girl studied together and were in a relationship but their families were opposed to it. The woman is a Dalit while the youth belongs to an upper caste.