Man charged with attempted rape for assaulting woman in US gurudwara

Namrata Tripathi
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A 37-year-old man was arrested in Oregon, United States, and charged with attempted rape after he attacked a woman inside a gurudwara on Monday.

The perpetrator, Timothy Walter Schmidt, was reportedly intoxicated when he walked into the gurudwara in Gresham town on Sunday night.

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Schmidt asked to use a restroom at the gurudwara and was subsequently allowed inside. While coming out of the restroom, he saw a 26-year-old woman inside the building and assaulted her, according to local news outlet, Fox 12 Oregon's reports.

Detective Adam Baker said that a temple member heard the noises and rushed towards the duo. He pulled Schmidt off the woman and held him down until police arrived.

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Reports state that the perpetrator was lodged in a local county jail and was charged with assault, coercion, attempted rape, sex abuse and unlawful use of a weapon, according to PTI.

The Sikh Coalition, a rights group, stated that it was "grateful" that the police had arrested and charged the perpetrator for his conduct. 

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