Man Caught Stealing Plant Pots from Delhi's Vertical Garden Apologises After Outcry

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In a bizarre incident, an elderly man was captured on camera stealing plant pots from Delhi's vertical garden. The video of the incident was shared on Facebook on October 8 and had gone viral ever since.

Angered by this, netizens left several comments and shared the video across social media platforms.

Now, a follow-up video, shot again by Facebook user Dikshit Sharma, who captured the original viral clip of the man stealing plastic pots from the vertical garden, shows the elderly man apologising for the act and promising to return the pots.

The earlier video showed the old man dressed in formals pulling out one of the plastic pots from the vertical garden built on the pillars of a flyover in the national capital. He was then seen emptying the plant and the soil from the pot which he managed to pull out from the vertical garden before putting the empty pot in his bag.

As soon as the man was caught red-handed by a passer-by for stealing the pot, he was seen running away from the spot as the passer-by called him.

"This dushehra, at Wazirput DTC DEPOT, bad day for this uncle ji.. cought on my camera. The brave old aged uncle ji was stealing containers of plants placed by MCD or may be some other government department, considering GREEN INDIA MOVEMENT. don't know why this uncle ji is destroying all plants and keeping all the plastic pots,(sic)" Dikshit Sharma had captioned the post.

The video was later shared on Twitter.

The New Delhi Municipal Council or NDMC officials started vertical garden projects at various places in the national capital to help reduce air pollution as well as enhance green cover.

However, within few days after introducing the project, there have been several reports of people walking away with pots, leaving behind empty spots on the pillars.