Man calls for ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in Mangaluru mall, gets thrashed by students

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Man calls for ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in Mangaluru mall, gets thrashed by students

A man who made communal assertions about India being a “Hindu Rashtra” where Muslims should not be allowed, was beaten up during an altercation at a Mall in Mangaluru, allegedly by a group of students. The Mangaluru City police have arrested three suspects, including one minor, who allegedly assaulted Manjunath, a resident of Bantwal. While the details of the altercation are still under investigation, police said they have registered the case at Mangalore South Police station after the incident went viral on social media.

According to the police, Manjunath had visited Forum Fiza Mall on Wednesday and got into an argument with a group. In the 30-second video, Manjunath is seen surrounded by a group of people. 

One of the group members is heard asking Manjunath to speak up. In response, Manjunath, who is seen wearing a button-down shirt, replied, “This is Hindu Rashtra, do you understand? You Muslims are here…Nothing I was sitting over there.” However before he could continue further, Manjunath was heckled by other group members (unseen) during the incident, who interrupt Manjunath.

Eventually, Manjunath is seen trying to break away from the situation towards the end of the video. Police said the group then chased Manjunath, quickly tackled him and allegedly assaulted him.

Police said that they have arrested Moideen Safwan, Abdul Rahim Saad, and one minor. According to the police, the youngsters who assaulted Manjunath belonged to a city-based college and some of them were wearing their uniforms.

Meanwhile, Manjunath has been taken to a local hospital and is undergoing treatment for the injuries sustained during the scuffle.

Speaking to the media, City Police Commissioner Dr PS Harsha said that the police have taken cognizance of the incident and have registered the case at Mangaluru South Police Station (Pandeshwar). “The investigation is under progress; the arrested will be questioned, including a juvenile who will be dealt as per Juvenile Justice Act (JJ) investigation, and will be taken up over the incident,” he said. He further appealed to people not to sensationalise the matter by jumping to conclusions and wait for the due outcome of investigation.

Following the incident, the city police said they have beefed-up the patrolling and police deployment in the city to keep a tab and avert any communal incidents that may arise due to the ‘isolated’ incident.

Story by Story Infinity (Subs and Scribes Media Ventures LLP.)