Mamata tutorial before polls


Calcutta, Feb. 4: Chief minister Mamata Banerjee today told Trinamul workers to keep themselves updated on the government's achievements and made those in the audience take notes so the message on the government's achievements can be spread to people before the panchayat polls.

"Holding the party flag is not enough. You have to make the people understand. You have to tell them what we have accomplished in these 18 months," Mamata said.

In order to list the achievements, Mamata has come out with a ready reckoner ' a book called Ek Palake Ek Jhalake ' that was released at the Calcutta Book Fair.

"Ektu porashonar darkar hochche (there is a need to study). Please go through my book Ek Palake Ek Jhalake, which I have written to keep party workers updated about the government's successes," Mamata told the gathering of 5,000 at a workshop for the party's frontal organisations at Netaji Indoor Stadium.

Party sources said the delegates were provided with pen and paper when they entered the venue. Midway through her speech, Mamata asked everybody to note down the "achievements" of her government.

The success list Mamata rolled out today included 50 per cent reservation for women in panchayats, bicycles for girl students from the minority community, second-language status for Urdu in areas with 10 per cent of Urdu-speaking population and peace in Jungle Mahal among others.

"Ei point gulo mathay rakhben (keep these points in mind)," Mamata said. "In every meeting, I have to spend two to three hours on the achievements of the government. The MLAs, MPs and party functionaries should know what the government is doing and inform the people," she added.

Two other key points Mamata raised were the distribution of Kisan credit cards and crop insurance.

When several in the audience reminded the chief minister about the fair price medicine shops launched in some state-run hospitals, Mamata said: "Konta chhere konta bolbo. Eto point achhe (which one should I leave out. There are so many points."

Her answer on the lack of big-ticket investment and shrinking employment opportunities were the 16 railway projects, the foundation stones of which were laid when she was the railway minister.

"In a state where 16 railway projects and three power projects are coming up, is it right to say industrialisation is not happening? Galpayan hochche (rumours are being spread)," she said.

Mamata has also advised Trinamul workers to study the party's manifesto along with her book.

The MPs and MLAs were asked to devote more time to their constituencies, meet people and keep their phones on from 8.30am to 11.00pm.