Mamata Banerjee is under pressure: Dilip Ghosh on TMC alleging rigging of polls

BJP s tate president Dilip Ghosh cast his vote during first phase of polling for West Bengal Assembly elections on March 27. On TMC alleging rigging of polls, BJP leader Dilip Ghosh said, "TMC knows that it is losing and that's why it is saying all this. For such complaints, TMC should go to the Election Commission... TMC and Mamata Banerjee are under pressure and that is why they are saying such things." TMC's Derek O'Brien wrote to EC. He state, "Voter turnout for ACs Kanthi Dakshin (216) and Kanthi Uttar (213) at 9:13am was 18.47% and 18.95% respectively, 4 minutes later at 9:17am voter turnout reduced to 10.60% and 9:40%. Such discrepancy raises question on genuineness of data issued by EC."