Mamata Banerjee has spread 'mafia raj' in Asansol: PM Modi

While addressing a public rally in Asansol on April 17, Prime Minister slammed Mamata Banerjee by saying that Didi who spoke of 'Ma Mati Manush', has spread 'mafia raj' and people are migrating, who used to come here for employment. PM Modi said, "People used to come here for employment but today people from here are migrating. Didi, who speaks of Ma Mati Manush, has spread 'mafia raj' here." "From bicycle to rail, paper to steel, aluminium to glass - people from all over India come here to work in such factories. In a way, Asansol is mini India. People from all corners of India are seen here. But the misgovernance of Bengal affected Asansol," he added.