Mamata Banerjee offers to quit as West Bengal CM

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West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee on Saturday said that she wanted to quit as Bengal chief minister. She further said that she wanted to remain as party president. Banerjee said that the chair was not important for her but the party symbol was. “I told at the beginning of the meeting that I don’t want to continue as the Chief Minister,” Banerjee said while addressing a press conference. She offered to quit at the party’s internal meeting today.

However, the offer was rejected by the party and she may continue as the head of the state. Banerjee raised suspicion over the saffron party’s stellar performance in Bengal. She said that the BJP’s huge victory was not beyond suspicion. “It is quite astonishing how the opposition is wiped out in several states. There has been some setting and foreign powers are also involved,” the TMC chief claimed. Banerjee also said that the BJP created an emergency-like situation in the state to win the elections.

The TMC chief said that the central forces worked against her in this elections. “An emergency situation was created. Hindu-Muslim division was done and votes were divided. We complained to the Election Commission but nothing was looked into,” she said. The remarks come days after the Lok Sabha results were announced.

The TMC won 22 out of 42 Lok Sabha seats, 12 less than what it had got in 2014. The BJP witnessed a massive jump in its vote share and seats. The party bagged 18 seats in the state where it had very little presence till a few years ago.

Banerjee said that her government fulfilled all the commitments made to the people and she will now concentrate more on her party. Referring to the BJP, she said that one party that did not commit anything won seats. “I think, I have done more for people. Now I need to work for my party,” she added.

“Money power and religious divide prominently came into play. The administration was taken over by Election Commission of India for the last five months. How can I remain the chief minister in such a scenario? That’s why I had offered to step down,” she said.