Mallika Dua Responds to #MeToo Charges Against Father Vinod Dua, Says 'Unacceptable If He's Guilty'
We all hope that truth does indeed prevail, but what until then?

Facing backlash after her father and senior journalist Vinod Dua was accused of stalking and sexual harassment, comedian Mallika Dua on Sunday said she supported the #MeToo movement and would stand up for survivors.

Reacting to the charges levelled against her father by filmmaker Nishtha Jain, Mallika said if her father was guilty, it was “unacceptable, traumatic and painful”.

In a statement, the comedian said she supported the voices but Jain’s decision to drag her name into the controversy was in “terrible taste”.

Insisting that it “was not my battle to fight”, Mallika said she would deal with the incident in her own way and on her time, adding that she would “stand up against bigotry, misogyny and for survivors”.

She said the charges were not her shame or burden and she would not let the #MeToo movement be “hijacked by shamers”. The comedian said it was her “dad’s battle, I will let him fight it and stand by him”.

In a detailed note on Facebook, Jain said when she met Dua for a job interview in 1989, he allegedly narrated a 'lewd sexual joke' to her. The filmmaker further claims that the journalist stalked her and also "slobbered all over” her face.

"One night as I came down to the parking, he was there. He said, he wanted to talk to me and asked me to enter his car - a black SUV/Jeep, I don't remember the make as I'm not into automobiles. Assuming that he wanted to apologise for his behaviour, I entered the car but before I could even settle down he began slobbering all over my face. I managed to get out and get into my office car and leave. I spotted him again in the parking in the coming nights (sic)," Jain wrote in her post.