Male passenger on Air France Flight Strips Down to Underwear; Shocked Co-Passenger Tweets Live Pictures

Team Latestly
A woman onboard utterly shocked by the behaviour of her co-passenger took to Twitter detailing the experience.

A male passenger stripped down himself to boxers on an Air France Flight recently to the shock of his co-passengers. Before take off, he was seen removing his socks and trousers. A woman onboard utterly shocked by the behaviour of her co-passenger took to Twitter detailing the experience. And to her dismay, the flight attendants initially did not seem to be bothered by the man sitting half naked.

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Lizzie Thompson took to Twitter saying, "The man in the seat across from me has taken HIS PANTS OFF for the flight and is just in his boxers. Flight attendants seem unconcerned. This is going to be a long flight." Thereafter, Lizzie went on tweeting live updates of the man's not-so-affected public behaviour. His odd behaviour did not end there, he also invited a man who bordered with a ukulele to sing with him. Air India Passenger Strips Mid-Air on Flight Returning From Dubai, Deboarded in Lucknow; Watch Video.

Here is her tweet:

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She then tweeted, "He has also removed his socks." Another tweet reads, "He just shouted at a man who boarded with a ukulele (also have questions) to COME SIT WITH ME AND MAKE SOME MUSIC. Wtf is going on." When Lizzie asked him to put his pants on, he just shrugged.  A flight attendant offered to move her to a different seat but she had to sacrifice her legroom.

Lizzie seems to have managed the rest of the flight without further inconvenience. She tweeted saying, "Finally, his pants went back on. Good news: nothing bonds a group of passengers like a man half naked in your section. Shout out to the flight attendant who slipped me extra wine and did keep checking in to make sure I was good." WATCH VIRAL VIDEO: Drunk Passenger Kicked Out of Flight for Spitting on Child, Because She Didn’t Want to Sit Next to a ‘F*****g 3-Year-Old’.

Finally comes some Good News!

The flight attendant gave Lizzie "extra wine" and kept on checking if everything was fine. Her tweets have now gone viral with people asking her various questions regarding the incident. She replied to everyone by tweeting, "To answer a few q’s I’ve seen: 1. He took pants off in the plane bathroom pre-takeoff. He put them back on pre-landing in aisle right next to me. 2. He was neither American nor French 3. No ukulele was played, sadly."