Malaysia to deport N.Korean workers with expired visas

Indo Asian News Service

Kuala Lumpur, March 14 (IANS) Malaysia will deport some 50 North Koreans working here with overstayed visas, Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi announced on Tuesday.

The 50 overstayed workers, part of the 140 North Korean nationals working in the state of Sarawak, came to light after the two countries barred each other's citizens from leaving over an ongoing probe into the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, North Korean top leader Kim Jong-un's half brother, Xinhua news agency reported.

It is reported that the North Korean workers are mainly in businesses including coal mining and construction.

Malaysia will send the back to Pyongyang, Zahid told reporters at the parliament.

However, he did not provice details on when and how will the workers be deported.

Those with valid visas can stay, he said, adding that currently there are a total of 315 North Korean nationals in Malaysia.

Zahid said formal talks are ongoing to bring back the nine Malaysians stranded in Pyongyang.