Makeup Artist Put Bees on Her Eyes, Creating a Huge Buzz

Artist Martha Butterworth creates some of her coolest work through the medium of makeup. Based in Cambridge, England, she has wowed fans with everything from a tongue painted to look amazingly like a strawberry to holographic star-kissed lips. Now, one of her latest additions is that of tiny bumble bees flying across eyelids that look as if they’ve been slicked with honey — which is one of the most interesting makeup looks to stare at on social media right now.

Martha Butterworth has great eye for creativity, and recently showed off her bee-based artistry. (Photo: Instagram/marthamakeupartist)

Butterworth shared a slideshow of photos showing off her final bumble-bee eye look on Instagram, with the caption “Sweetbees.” In as little as three days, the post has already received over 10,000 likes and loads of shares. As one would imagine, there were a flood of bumble-bee emoticons left in the comments under the Brit’s initial post, as well.

The glossy eyelid look has actually been one of Butterworth’s most popular creations yet. “I am rather stunned and overwhelmed by its popularity,” she tells Yahoo Beauty, adding that her inspiration was a simple one. “I love bees and am concerned about their future with the use of pesticides.”

As well-painted as the bees look, Butterworth revealed that she actually used tiny nail decals. She then saturated the lids and lashes in a honey gloss to finish. “I could have painted my bees, but have recently been in the hospital and am now back home recuperating,” she notes. “So these tiny nail decals were the perfect solution — sorry to disappoint. I can paint quite well, but don’t feel able to at the moment.”

And despite her dedication to the craft, don’t expect to see any live bees flying around on Butterworth’s face any time soon. “I have used papered insects before to create looks, but as an animal loving vegetarian, I prefer not to,” she says. “I love and respect all life, there are usually other ways.”

But we can most definitely count on her to bring more exciting looks to the forefront — reminding us all that it’s okay to have fun with beauty every now and again.

Check out a few other cool creations from her artful feed below:

Is that you Nemo?

Looks like a glitter beach party with beautiful bursts of sea greens and blues.

When you don’t feel like painting the rest of your lips, get this little guy to do it for you.

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