Here’s What Makes Volkswagen’s Automatic Cars More Fuel-Efficient

In December of 2003, Volkswagen introduced the Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG) for large-scale production. There has been no looking back since then. 15 years and more than 26 million vehicles later, this technology continues to give you smoother and more fuel-efficient drives.

DSG combines the best of both, manual and automatic transmissions, resulting in split-second gear changes. As a result, the acceleration remains unbroken and you get a superlative driving experience every single time.

How Does It Work?

Now if you’re wondering as to how this technology works, we’ve got you covered. When the car is constantly accelerating, the DSG shifts up a gear early. During the actual shift, one clutch is freed while the other engages. Similarly, when the car slows down, the DSG already selects the lower gear in advance and down shifts at shift point.

All these gear changes happen within 8 milliseconds and cause no interruption in traction. This saves time and also makes Volkswagen’s automatic cars more fuel-efficient than the other ones available in the market. Based on figures from Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), Volkswagen cars have been named among the topmost fuel-efficient cars in the country. So while you enjoy your smooth drives, you also end up reducing your carbon footprint. Win-win situation!

When are you getting home a Volkswagen Vento?

Driver Benefits

As a driver, you will totally fall in love with Volkswagen’s DSG technology. In fact, it’d be hard for you to let go off that steering. Here’s why:

- You don’t even realise when the gear changes happen. Can it get more seamless?
- Unbroken acceleration means an enhanced driving experience
- No reduction in traction results in effortless drives
- You enjoy more control over your car
- More fuel-efficiency means savings. So yay!

The Best Part Is....

Volkswagen now lets you buy an automatic car at the price of a manual. Yes, you heard that right! This offer is available on Vento and Ameo. So get ready to enjoy a never-before driving experience at a never-before price. Say hello to the Volkswagen life!

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