Major spoilers from WWE TLC 2019 pay-per-view event


Bengaluru, December 15: WWE TLC (Tables, Ladders & Chairs) will be airing tonight from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It's the 11th installment under the TLC chronology which wraps up the PPV schedule of 2019 as well as this whole decade.

A couple of stipulated matchups will be there alongside a non-title bout featuring the Universal Champion, Bray Wyatt.
As announced from SmackDown, The Miz will challenge Bray Wyatt culminating a feud that has recently become much personal as Wyatt dragged Miz's wife and babies into the storyline. He will try to seek redemption against Wyatt which may not be possible, at this point.

As per the reports of Slice Wrestling, WWE had omitted The Fiend from performing at WWE TLC since it's the strongest character in the WWE, today.

The Miz would have been in a no-chance condition against the demonic character. At least, the challenger could be bringing some offenses against Wyatt. But that won't be enough as the source declared the champion to retain, surely,

"‪Vince McMahon also did not feel that TLC was a big enough show and wants to keep The Fiend appearances special for main pay-per-views and events.
"Bray Wyatt wrestling The Miz also allows WWE to have more freedom in booking the match and will allow The Miz to get in some offense. In the end, Bray Wyatt is expected to be victorious."

The Fiend would rather be saved for marquee appearances in bigger PPVs like Royal Rumble or WrestleMania 36. His next title match should happen at the Rumble event in January against Daniel Bryan.
Apart from the Universal Championship match, spoilers are available for the other big matches at WWE TLC, as well. Bet on Pro Wrestling has disclosed the betting odds for WWE TLC.

Going by history, these odds always remain pretty accurate, most of the time. As per the below odds, Roman Reigns, Rusev, Aleister Black and the Kabuki Warriors are favored to win their respective bouts.
TLC Match: Roman Reigns (-910) vs Baron Corbin (+450)
Tables Match: Rusev (-150) vs Bobby Lashley (+108)
TLC Match: Kabuki Warriors (-230) vs Becky/Charlotte (+160)
Non-title: Bray Wyatt (-1250) vs The Miz (+550)
The New Day (-265) vs The Revival (+180)
Aleister Black (-625) vs Buddy Murphy (+350)

Additionally, Wrestling Observer Newsletter says that Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens will not be happening at WWE TLC. Rollins has broken his pinky finger at a Live Event, last week which barred him from competing on WWE Raw, this week.
The doctors are not expected to medically clear him by tonight. Hence, WWE created an angle where Owens was taken out of the arena by a stretcher. Storylines wise, Owens is injured and hence he will not be in a condition to compete.

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