How to maintain an efficient running style with important postures for Mumbai Marathon

As a runner, one might work on pace and endurance, but do you ever focus on your form? For most runners, the beauty of running is its simplicity, they throw on their kit and head out for a run whenever there is free time. They run to become better and work on speed, hills and long runs to challenge themselves every day. Unfortunately, the area many runners neglect to practice is technique. 

ASICS Running Club Coach, Mr. Girish Bindra highlights the importance of running postures and shares tips on running techniques that improve efficiency and reduce injury risk. 

Right running postures helps a runner: Maintain an efficient running style. Improve lung capacity and stride length, A stronger torso means a runner wastes less energy with excessive rotation.

Maintain an efficient running style, as it improves lung capacity and enables one to waste less energy with excessive rotation.

I always tell everyone, the trick to ‘run tall’ – which means running at your maximum height and keeping your back comfortably straight.

To achieve the correct running posture on must: 

Head: Look straight ahead and keep your chin up. When your head dips, you’re more likely to start slouching.

Shoulders: Keep them low and relaxed – if you feel them creeping up and tightening up, stretch them out quickly to get rid of the tension. 

Arms: Ones arms should always swing back and forward and not across your body. Elbows should be bent at a 90 - degree angle to maximize efficiency.

Hands: Never clench your fists, since this increases tension in your upper body. 

Torso: Keeping your torso straight, so that you continue to ‘run tall’. If you start to slouch, take a deep breath and you’ll find yourself straightening up.