Maia Sandu tells supporters they won in Moldova's Presidential election together

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Representative Image

Chisinau [Moldova], November 16 (ANI/Sputnik): Leader of the Party of Action and Solidarity and Moldova's former prime minister, Maia Sandu, who is currently ahead in the presidential runoff, says she has achieved common victory with her supporters.

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of the Republic of Moldova said after more than 97 per cent of the votes had been counted that Sandu had 54.03 per cent, while Moldovan incumbent President Igor Dodon had 45.97 per cent.

"This victory is our common victory, I am proud of my team and all the young people who participated in the vote," Sandu told journalists, thanking all those who helped her during the election campaign.

Earlier, Sandu told journalists that the primary task after the Sunday presidential runoff was to unite the society around common goals and to develop the economy. (ANI/Sputnik)

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