Mahira Khan Starrer Verna Cleared With Zero Cuts

Prachi Kulkarni
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Mahira Khan Starrer Verna Cleared With Zero Cuts

Verna sees victory!

Controversies and ban on films have become a part and parcel of the filmmakers now days. Amid the Padmavati controversy, the fans came to know about the ban on Pakistani actress Mahira Khan’s film ‘Verna’. Verna revolves around a rape survivor and her fight for justice. The film received a demand for the ban and Pakistan’s CBFC had to ban it. However, director of Verna, Shoaib Mansoor appealed to the members for urgent relief of Verna Ban. The members reportedly asked him to make some changes in the film but he refused to do so. After viewing the film, Verna has been finally cleared by The Appellate Tribunal with zero cuts.

A journalist tweeted, “#Verna cleared uncut! Mubarak, @ShoManOfficial and @TheMahiraKhan – kudos for holding your ground.” The makers were hell bent on releasing on the film and now that it has got the green signal, they can give a sigh of relief. Mahira Khan earlier tweeted, “Tonight I realize how powerful artists are, not those in power. We are. Why else do we get banned? Why else do our films pose a threat to them? In this game of power – we will always win. Art/love/truth always does! #PowerDiGame #verna”. (ALSO READ: Deepika Padukone REACTS To Ranbir Kapoor’s Alleged Girlfriend Mahira Khan’s Verna Ban Controversy)

Earlier, even Deepika Padukone was asked about the Verna ban. She was quoted saying, “”Yes, it’s sad that a small section of people don’t understand the power of cinema and what it can do to the world.” Now that Verna is all set to release in Pakistan, the fans wait for the final verdict of Deepika Padukone’s Padmavati in India.