Maharashtra village residents hesitant to take COVID vaccines due to lack of awareness

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Dr Shristi Dave, a health official, speaking to ANI (ANI).
Dr Shristi Dave, a health official, speaking to ANI (ANI).

Nashik (Maharashtra) [India], May 21 (ANI): Residents of Raigadnagar village in Maharashtra's Nashik showing reluctance to take COVID-19 vaccines due to lack of awareness, Dr Shristi Dave, a village health official, said.

"Villagers think they will die after taking the vaccine. They say when there is no COVID infections in the village, then why they should get inoculated," Dr Dave told ANI.

Dave added that the villagers would run away at our sight when we were doing mass awareness campaign for the COVID vaccination in the village.

Sarika Bari, Block Development Officer, Nashik, said, "There are 76 villages here. People from 70 villages are demanding vaccination. Only 5-6 villages, including Raigadnagar, in tribal belt are against vaccination. They believe that they will die after taking the vaccine. Our teams are spreading awareness about vaccines."

"We do not have a fear of coronavirus. We don not have a single case of this infection in our village. Why should we take its vaccine then? We will stop bearing children because of this," said a woman from the village.

A man from the village told ANI that they are hard drinkers and that is why can not contract the virus. (ANI)

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