Maharashtra Students Celebrate With Memes as CM Uddhav Thackeray Cancels Final-year Exams

Anurag Verma

There's finally something to cheer about in global pandemic.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday announced that the final-year students in the state would be promoted on the basis of an aggregate marking system.

"Institutes must use the previous semester grades to pass the candidates. We don't want the academic year of students to get wasted," said Thackeray in a late address to the public via live video broadcast on Sunday.

Thackeray further said the uncertainty loomed over conducting the examinations amid pandemic and that the students shouldn't be at the receiving end of it.

"Can examinations be held in June? No. Can they be held in July or August. I cannot say. Hence, students and their future should not suffer because of this," he added.

As the news broke out on social media, students breathed a sigh of relief and they expressed their joy through hilarious memes. In fact, #examscancelled became the top trending hashtag on Twitter on Monday morning.

Meanwhile, Thackeray, in his address, said the state was restarting a new life with "Mission Begin Again", thus replacing the word "lockdown".

"Today, I am before you to replace the word ‘lockdown’ with ‘Mission Begin Again.’ We are re-starting normal life. This is like Lokmanya Tilak’s immortal words: ‘Punascha Hari Om,’ which he said after coming back from his imprisonment at Mandalay," he tweeted.

You can check his entire address (Twitter thread) here.